• World wide, high quality 30 years of experience


  • All controllers have cast aluminum housings
  • The housing contains a microprocessor, motor, rechargeable battery, and solar panel
  • The program automatically sets timed intervals to turn the butterfly valve
  • The controllers are energy-efficient and self-sufficient


One Number and Easy Settings for All Models

Enter one number to set a program that automatically figures how many cycles and how long each will run to get water across the field most efficiently and uniformly.


Intuitive Cycle Timing

The program shortens cycle times automatically for soaking without runoff once the water has advanced across the field. This saves you money and water and helps prevent overwatering your crops.


Total Control and Seamless Memory

The number set can be changed while the watering is occurring and will automatically correct all cycles to fine tune the program. If a cycle is interrupted, the simple Off/On restarts the program held in memory.


STAR and PRO JR III Specifications

At 10 inches long by 8 inches wide and 5 inches high, both controllers weigh in at 12 pounds. They feature 90 inches-pounds of torque to drive the gear on each valve. A worm gear in the motor prevents backdrive and maintains a good valve seal.


Keeping Your Controller Powered

These controllers feature a 12-volt motor that, when fully charged, can keep the unit operating for up to 14 days. They also feature a 1-watt custom-designed solar panel. Four hours of peak sunlight provide enough of a charge to provide 24 hours of operation.