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The PRO JR III Controller


  • Rotary switches to select automatic advance settings and to adjust automatic soak cycles to avoid runoff
  • Red flashing diode to indicate program is running
  • Manual change side toggle switch for directing water


Pro Jr III Controller is Simple to Operate

Set the advance time by moving the rotary dial on the left to the desired time. Remember, advance time is the time needed to get water to the end of the furrows on two sets – it is not the total watering time.


Soak Your Rows

During the soak cycle, the machine will re-wet the furrows repeatedly to add depth to your water profile after the water has advanced to the end of the field. To adjust the water during the soak cycle, move the rotary dial on the right toward the minus (-) sign or toward the plus (+) sign.


Control the Flow

The change side toggle switch allows you to change sides manually at any time. If you change sides during the first cycle, the controller will restart the program without losing a cycle. The small, blinking red light in the center of the controller tells you that it is still operating.


Click the Links Below to Download the Instructions for the PRO Jr III Controller

PRO Jr III Controller Page 1 PRO Jr III Controller Page 2